Littlest Fish Designs is always looking for talented designers and artists on Martha's Vineyard to collaborate with and promote.

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Littlest Fish Designs is happy to feature this collaboration photoshoot with ROY Swim, bikinis and swimwear handmade on Martha's Vineyard by Liane Roy FitzGerald! Liane grew up on the beautiful island of Martha's Vineyard and spent her childhood summers in the salty water, waves and sand. After ten years of serious bikini-wearing as a lifeguard on the Chilmark beaches, she made it her mission to create fun, comfortable, quality handmade bikinis. Every piece is designed to be seamless &reversible, and is handmade by Liane in her studios in Martha's Vineyard and Santa Cruz. Follow Liane and her gorgeous suits on instagram: roybikini

All photographs by ©Hannah Marlin Photo.


You can find Liane's bathing suits on her website

and at the Chilmark flea market every Wednesday and Saturday throughout the summer!