care instructions & FAQ
care instructions

To reduce the risk of tarnish, dirt buildup and/or breakage, please do not wear your Littlest Fish Designs piece in the shower, in the ocean, or in bed. Store alone or with like jewelry in a safe, dry place. These pieces are hand-made and fragile and are prone to breakage. If your piece incorporates sterling silver please polish with a sterling silver polishing cloth. To keep your wampum from drying out and getting dull, condition your wampum piece will olive or mineral oil once a month. Simply rub a drop of oil all over the wampum and wipe it off with a paper towel.

"How long have you been making wampum jewelry?"
Since 2015. You can read my full story here.
"I have a collection of hard wampum pieces from the beach, can you make me something out of that?"

Unfortunately, I cannot use hardened, found beach wampum. The wampum I use preferably comes from freshly shucked quahog shells or identifiably fresher whole-shells found on the beach. Hard, calcified beach wampum has been tossed in the water for years. This natural tumbling process calcifies the wampum over time, making it hard as a rock and therefore unusable in my designs. Get yourself a nice glass jar and fill it up with all that beautiful beach wampum instead!


"I go clamming a lot, can you make me something out of my freshly shucked shell?"

If your quahog shell is fresh out of the ocean, then I absolutely can! However, if the shell has been heat-treated in any way (baked, steamed, boiled, grilled, etc.) I cannot use it. The shell becomes too brittle when exposed to heat, and I won't be able to carve or shape the wampum without it breaking. Instead, you can throw those shells back into the ocean to provide natural cover for sea creatures and help maintain the ecosystem!


"Do you offer men's jewelry?"

Sure! Though I like to think that the majority of my jewelry is unisex, I can modify my designs to fit any style preference. In addition to my usual highly polished chains, I offer genuine leather cord and oxidized silver chain. Contact me for more information.